APAX will be working on the following activities, please follow the partners and this platform to connect to our activities or if you consider it valuable to reach out to either one of the partners for more information and interaction, don’t hesitate to do so.

  1. Information Risk Frameworks, related regulations, certifications, best practices requirements analysis defining Posture Assessments
  2. Web and Cloud cybersecurity regulations, guidelines, and frameworks for Posture Assessments
  3. Identify a supporting Taxonomy of risk and compliance patterns for Posture Assessment and analyze its sustainibility
  4. APAX data model and reference architecture
  5. Identify indicators of change as input for differential testing
  6. Automation of information gathering
  7. Automation of vulnerability assessments
  8. Automation of external intelligence gathering
  9. Automation reporting for tests
  10. Posture Assessment Reporting
  11. Develop fuzzer to automate tests
  12. Data Fusion & Machine Learning
  13. Defining Zero Trust Access Requirements
  14. Defining Context-sensitivity for security actions

Next to these, there will be additional reach-out activities and collaborations with existing assessment automation and analysis off assessment models.