APAX as a non-profit initiative investigates the domain of security automation, automating vulnerability assessments and continuous assessments to be able to evolve towards a continuous CyberSecurity Posture on the basis of sensors, intelligence and fuzzy logic.

Discover what the challenges and developments entail, participate in the activities, learn from our innovative approaches and study results, apply best practices in your organisation and build your own continuous assessment approaches.

Assessments Considered

APAX has taken into account a series of industry-standard assessments and questionnaires, such as Cyber Fundamentals, ISO27k, SAM2, NIST, MVSP, VSMC, VSAQ, ...

Security Posture Assessment

Cyber Posture Assessment provides you with actionable intelligence about your organization’s security operations program, as well as an in-depth assessment of your overall breach readiness.


Automated Posture Analysis that Scales (APAX) is a collaboration between industry and research partners aiming to support the automation and continuous posture assessments.

APAX welcomes Jimber

Jimber joined the APAX project as a project partner. Jimber  built and continues to improve cybersecurity solutions that cover the most common threats – without the need for expensive hardware or years of expertise. For more information, visit the partner page.

Cross Performance CyberSecurity Goals

The US Cybersecurity Infrastructure & Security Agency (CISA) today released its new Cross-Sector Cybersecurity Performance Goals (CPGs), a foundational set of IT and operational technology (OT) practices and recommendations that can help smaller, lesser-resourced organizations better prioritize cybersecurity efforts and reduce risk.  The CPGs could become an invaluable cybersecurity guide and checklist for critical infrastructure owners,…

APAX – Automated Posture Analysis that Scales

New cybersecurity project to decrease online vulnerability with the help of Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship funding Antwerpen, Bonheiden, Brussel, Gent and Leuven, Belgium, 1 February 2022 A team of three Flemish technology and services companies and three research groups have started working on the APAX project. A two-year project, Automated Posture Analysis that Scales (APAX)…