APAX innovates by developing means to automate and provide a continuous CyberSecurity Posture Assessment.

APAX is a non-profit initiative and a research and development activity aimed to support the CyberSecurity industry, such as technology and services providers – and CyberSecurity users, such as Enterprise (Large and Small) and Government related organizations.

Cyber Posture Assessment provides you with actionable intelligence about your organization’s security operations program, as well as an in-depth assessment of your overall breach readiness. From examining configured operating systems, to identifying the misconduct and misconfiguration of services, to browsing, to applications, to password management policy, and many additional indicators.

Cyber Security Posture Assessment :

  1. Identifies your inventory in the organization.
  2. Checks the IT assets against all the major threats like phishing, unpatched software, outdated software, viruses, SQL injection, and others.
  3. Creates analytics to draw reference from. You should have a strategy in place where you need to improvise.
  4. Identifies from vulnerabilities should have a critical level which should be decided on the level of vulnerability it creates for the system. Action items should be thee so that you can act accordingly.
  5. Should continually check for more vulnerabilities that can attack the system.
  6. Builds a specific team that will maintain a security posture assessment regularly. Maintenance will be easy if a specific team will be looking at it.
  7. Encourages a strong security culture with the employees can help in avoiding these situations to a great extent. If employees are educated and are aware, they will make sure that they don’t click on unwanted links and phishing attacks would be minimized.